About us:


My name is Dianne Davis. I have been grooming dogs and cats since 2000, and training dogs since 1988. My love for animals is what drives me every day. I love to work with them and see their happy faces. In 2003 I expanded my training into teaching my rescue kitty to pick up a dog's dumbbell. From here I saw how amazing cats are. This inspired me to figure out a way to make the grooming process better for cats. They are such wonderful pets and I felt the need to give back to them. I have three cats right now. My first is Biddy that we got from the SPCA. The second is Crazy that my son found on his way down to the pool. The third is Ivan that a customer found matted all over and very skinny. Ivan has become my demo kitty for groomers to learn about grooming. He is such and good boy.