Itty Bitty Kitty offers your kitty less stress by coming to your home and grooming them. We offer this special service so your kitty doesn't have to go on a scary car ride and be stressed even before the grooming starts.

Are you looking for an alternative to having your kitty being sedated for grooming? Have you thought that no one would be willing to groom your kitty? Is it hard on your kitty and pocketbook to have the vet put them under for grooming?

Give us a try!!!

We can handle all types of kitties from the sweetest ones that like to cuddle all the time, to the ones that would rather be left alone and let you know it.

Why Mobile Grooming

Save time by not having to drop off and pick-up you’re pet.

No waiting for a call to pick up your pet

Avoid unpredictable traffic and the tension of travel with our service at your door.

Eliminates cages/cage drying.

Avoid exposure to other animals.

Your pet is given undivided attention.

Helps pets and owners with separation anxiety.

Remaining in familiar surroundings reduces stress for your pet.

Great for the elderly who don't like to drive.

Great for those juggling children and pets.

Perfect for homes with multiple pets.

No car sick pets

No noisy rooms full of barking dogs

If mobile grooming is right for you and your pet, give me a call to set up an appointment. Spaces fill quickly!

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