We offer the very best for your kitty while they are with us. We use the best shampoos and products on your kitty to make them feel like Kings and Queens.

Our Spa Bath and Full Groom comes with a deep cleansing first bath and then a refreshing massage second bath. They get their nails trimmed, ears clean and a soothing blow dry. We make sure each kitty experience a relaxing process.

Our Guarantee: If you do not find the results of our grooming to be that best your cat has had, we will refund your money!

(New clients only)


Short Hair Spa $85
Long Hair Spa $100
Short Hair Lion Cut $115
Long Hair Lion Cut $115
Lion Cut with the Tail Left $115
Comb Cut $130-$145


There will be an extra fee for mat removal, pelt removal and fecal removal. These fees are based on what condition your kitty is in and how long it takes to fix the problem. The exact price for these fees will be determined at the time of grooming.


Add Ons:    
Belly Shave $20
De-Shedding Treatment $20
Flea Tratment $20  

Soft Paws Front

Soft Paws Back $20  
Soft Paws Front & Back $45  


  Owner tried to groom their own cat and ened up cutting him all over. This is an injury we found while grooming and the owner was able to take to the cat to the vet for meds.
  This is the begining of what a pelted looks like as it forms  


Don't let your cat look like this. Make an appointment with Itty Bitty Kitty Grooming for a makeover.