Natalie T.

I would love to make some comments on your website about what a great job you do and how talented you are. I forwarded your information to that friend of mine tonight. Let me know if you need more pics. Merry Christmas!!



Elizabeth M.

Attention all kitty lovers - Diane's Itty Bitty Kitty Grooming service is a God-send for cat-lovers in the Fort Worth - Dallas metroplex area. I can't speak highy enough of her! Diane is truly a miracle worker, and even excels with 'difficult' cats - such as my Bella, pictured below. Taking Bella to get groomed was ...a dreaded journey - and created enormous stress for both me and Bella. Diane and her super-duper Itty Bitty Kitty Grooming mobile has taken what used to be a horrible experience and turned it into a calm, professional luxury that is no longer to be feared. The groomer I used to take Bella to would heavily dru...g her and we would both come home terribly upset. But with her mass of hair and heavy matting that would occur without grooming, it was an unavoidable necessity. Diane solved our problems and does a lovely and professional haircut/bath in the process. Her grooming abilities are simply outstanding! Not only a beautiful cut and bath, but she comes to us! And no drugs!

If you have a cat, you need to call Diane - it's that simple. Highly recommended!



Paul G.

Dianne, I wanted to thank you in writing for the fantastic job you did with the lion cut on my Persian cat, Sam.   The whole process was conducted with professionalism and care and Sam seemed to take getting a haircut in stride for the first time ever.  His cut looks great and I can tell he is comfortable and I am very pleased. 
Thanks again for the excellent service.



Jennifer F.

I’d like to share my recent experience with Itty Bitty Kitty Grooming. As a pet-parent of Samantha, a Persian with a heart murmur, I wanted to find a groomer that would not use sedation. It was also important that during the grooming, Samantha be made as comfortable as possible so her medical condition would not worsen.
My Vet Technician, recommend Dianne Davis, of Itty Bitty Kitty Grooming. From our initial phone call and viewing her website, her love of animals is apparent. She listened patiently to my explanation of Samantha’s condition and offered a solution that fit our needs. Dianne also took into consideration my concern that Samantha was so knotted and my current work schedule, she accommodated me with an appointment in the same week.
Dianne took great care with Samantha and freed her of all her knots, while keeping her comfortable. Samantha also had her first dental treatment and a bath. After her grooming, my little princess was back to her spunky self, confident and completely unstressed.  I appreciate all the attention, patience and great care that Dianne took with Samantha. I highly recommend Dianne to any pet-parent that wants a Groomer who treats their pet like her own.


Sandy R.

We cannot say enough positive things about the wonderful service Dianne provides to owners of older and special needs kitties who have stopped grooming themselves. One of our kitties, Fifi (she came with that name from the shelter), is old and her fur was starting to get oily and matted – there wasn’t an area between her head and her tail that wasn’t matted. We tried to brush her and to cut out the clumps but she would only tolerate our attempts for a short while and then would start to get upset and run off. To take her to a vet to shave her involved a lot more than what we wanted to put Fifi through (not to mention the expense) so we asked a couple of vets and dog groomers who all suggested Dianne at Itty Bitty Kitty Grooming (that name sealed the deal!). She came to our house, shut herself in the bathroom with Fifi and for TWO AND A HALF HOURS she got out the fur clumps, washed her and blew her dry all the while singing and talking to her. When Fifi came strutting out she looked like a kitten again – Dianne didn’t have to shave her –Fifi was happy, not traumatized at all, and the bathroom was immaculate. We would highly recommend Dianne for ALL types of cats  – she is truly a cat whisperer!



Lori G.

I want to thank you so much Dianne for the great care in grooming my two cats, Paris and London. I don't know how you do it but you seem to manage to get through as I call "the pooper, and the screamer"! But in the end I know they both enjoy their beautiful haircuts :) you are a true professional every time you have come to my home, and are a very sweet lady. Thank you again, and we all look forward to your next visit.



Tracy C.

Our vet recommended Dianne because she is willing to work with even the most uncooperative cats without using drugs. I was skeptical and while Cosmo was quite vocal at first, Dianne took care of all his matted areas without having to shave him and even trimmed his claws and "bikini area" in addition to bathing, conditioning and gently blow drying him. His fur is so soft and silky now it feels like it belongs to a bunny instead of this fat cat. The prompt, courteous, no mess, in-home service is ideal for busy professionals and much less stressful for your feline companion. I highly recommend Dianne and Itty Bitty Kitty!



Lynn H.

Thank you so much Dianne for being so incredible with Sir Charles Nicholas. Your work, the way you love and handle him and then your expertise in making sure he is groomed perfectly means the world to me.

Thank you for being in our lives. You bring great heart energy to your incredible work.